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Automotive suppliers have to deal with a variety of complex tasks on a daily basis. In addition to the accomplishment of this already very demanding work, it is important to recognize future challenges in time. Such a crucial task – to prove the company to be a future solvent and sustainable entity. With their creditworthiness medium-sized automotive suppliers score not only with banks and investors.

However, if you take a look at the current business models of the suppliers, it can all too often be seen that they are “sitting on the fence”. Cost leader or differentiator, market leader or niche provider? Survival depends on not being an “in-between”!!! A defined focus on the potential business model, which expresses itself in a good credit standing, is considered to be a competitive advantage in the struggle for contracts and business partners. This requires of the supplier companies:

  • Defining, knowing and aligning potential business models (future financial solvency as a “yardstick”)
  • Creation and implementation of measures to improve/optimize the economic situation of the company
  • Knowledge of the multitude of existing tools for optimization and platforms and the checking of their suitability

Our team in the business unit Corporate Finance – Automotive Suppliers C f A S® accompanies the automotive suppliers and assumes the implementation of tasks as a management service.

We will be happy to explain to you in a personal discussion the various C f AS® benefit aspects for your business through our professional activities.

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