CfAS® – Initiative

The initiative “Corporate finance – Automotive Suppliers” (CfAS®) aims to promote the cooperative partnership of all market participants, in a concerted action to achieve a sustainable improvement of financing conditions for the supply companies. This by

  • channelling relevant information
  • improvement of self-designable framework conditions
  • improvement of liquidity and earnings effects

The basic objective of the initiative is a long-term increase in the quality of relationships of all parties to improve financing conditions through active communication, as defined by the Latin word “communicare meaning – do something together.”
In this context CfAS® assumes the role of the planning and control of information flows as well as the facilitation functions. Binding commitments and resulting demand attitudes cannot be derived from the pledges of support of those involved in the initiative. Rather, the initiative will be a statement of intent of all parties to work together (in some form all tangential) to improve these financing conditions.