CfAS® – Service profile

Shape potential through conscious action – effects of future business circumstances are determined in advance
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An extract from our current service agreement with clients:

  • Design/implement measures to ensure/enhance future financial solvency (also associated with restructuring needs)
  • Elicit the appropriate future business model and implement measures for the alignment of the future business model
  • Analysts briefing for board / management prior to investor meetings, including evaluation and analysis of database presentations and design of these through comparison and incorporation of analysts’ data in each presentation
  • Validation of the planned figures from controlling, evaluating the effect and design through feasibility calculations (i. a. S&P Score) mapping as a recognized basis for all investors
  • Preparation / finalization of short and medium-term business management planning documents during the course of the year.
  • Structuring / creation and updating of integrated business planning
  • Securing the necessary funds to be raised for investment projects by preparing the feasibility presentation for the capital market, and subsequently the synchronous presentation for the respective investors.
  • Operational facts and data analyses from the current accounting system with subsequent recommendations for action in the case of identifiable deviations from the planned target figures
  • (Co-) design of the banking reporting during the course of the year by determination the ratio developments / characteristic values, and subsequent presentation corrections before submission to the banks, written explanation document for subsequent demands of shareholders and creditors
  • Current business benchmark comparisons and the resultant preparation of measures for implementation
  • Introduction/optimization of controlling instruments in the company