Video Conference

there is the phone
two people want to
talk to each other.

there is the video conference system
if several people
liked to talk to each other

To support communication with our clients we use our own modern video-conferencing studio. Thus we are present “on-site” everywhere.
“Or do you still drive everywhere yourself?”

Just as it goes without saying for us today that we no longer go to everyone with whom we have something to discuss, but pick up the phone, it is also natural today that we no longer travel across the country for meetings and major conferences, but use the video conferencing studio.

Just as in the case of the phone we do that because it is faster, more convenient and cheaper, and also protects the environment. Save time and money!

In our rooms, take advantage of one of the most modern forms of communication to carry out your meetings, presentations, conferences, or customer meetings.

For commercial support we use our multipoint-capable, multimedia video conferencing system. Combining the latest video conferencing technology with the capabilities of modern image and data transmission guarantees a successful cooperation with all participants.