Core occupational fields

Our further core occupational fields as Rating Analyst:

2. Rating Agencies

3. Commercial Enterprises

who want to be rated. Here the rating analyst is involved in the preparation, monitoring and ongoing support of the rating process, as an internal analyst.

4. Bigger Commercial Enterprises

which for example have to assess or rate their suppliers. Until now these have been mainly a reliability and quality rating. More and more, however, the long-term existence of the supplier plays a role, as the list of suppliers is getting shorter, i.e., the purchaser can no longer switch to other suppliers.

5. Management Consulting

Especially small and medium-sized companies need before, during and after a rating only the temporary support of qualified professionals. These qualified company and rating advisors accompany the process in an advisory capacity. Companies can also “only” commission a consultancy firm to provide a comprehensible company check, e.g. in the context of a change of ownership or corporate succession.
Source: uni.augsburg-rating analyst

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